Lease Advantage with Devan Acura

Why It’s Just That Easy!

While we hope you’ve enjoyed leasing your Acura let us help guide you through the entire lease end-of-term process. We will as always provide you with excellent service within the months approaching your lease maturity, and review the several options you have here at Devan Acura.

Lease a
New Acura

Take advantage when leasing another Acura vehicle as you may qualify for a number of Acura Loyalty Advantage & Devan Buying Advantage benefits.

Call us to schedule a pre-owned lease inspection and take an extended guest-drive in a new Acura. We will schedule a complimentary oil change service and a complimentary end of lease detail all while you get a peek behind the wheel of a new Acura in a loaner vehicle for the day. Your sales consultant will review your lease options for your next Acura and go over what to be expected during the end of term inspections.

All that’s left is to pick the color and trim of your next Acura and you are on your way to driving excellence for another lease term.

It’s just that simple.

Buy out and finance
your lease

If you love your Acura, great news… can own it!

Call us. When you buy out your leased Acura, you are securing a vehicle with proven reliability and performance. We will schedule your complimentary oil change service and complementary end of lease detail all while we tease you with a peek behind the wheel of a new Acura loaner for the day. If you decide to buy your vehicle we will provide you with the best financing options available and review options to enhance your ownership experience by extending the warranty and adding additional coverages to protect your investment.

All that’s left is to take re-delivery of your pre-owned Acura and plan your first road trip.

It’s just that simple.

Turn in
your lease

Return your leased vehicle to Devan Acura.

While we will be very sorry to see you go we do understand changes in life may require changes in your transportations needs but we hope we’ve left enough of a favorable impression that you would be comfortable recommending our dealership to friends, family and colleges. We also have a referral program and will send you a thank you gift if they mention your name.

From the entire staff we thank you very much for the opportunity to have you as our client even for a short lease and it is our hope you will find your way back to Acura specifically Devan Acura when and if the time comes in the future.

Acura Financial Services enlisted an impartial inspection company to perform an end of term inspection to be scheduled in the last two months of your lease. They will discuss any outstanding payments, excessive miles, and any other obligations specified in your lease agreement. Your lease concludes once all of the obligations have been satisfied and you turn your vehicle in to Devan Acura of Norwalk, complete and sign an odometer statement and provide us with any supporting documents such as maintenance records and copies of inspections.**

Please be sure to have all keys, owner’s manuals and keys to any accessories like ski racks or wheel locks when you return your Acura to us. We will remove your plates so you can surrender them to CT-DMV and obtain a receipt for your records regarding property taxes.

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**OptionalLastly for our own purpose which is completely optional, we would like you to answer a few exit-lease questions so we can provide feedback to our staff as well as the Manufacturer on your reasons for leaving the brand.


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